Yo some activity

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We’re a growing community keep that in mind with less than 100 users we all have other lives like school, work, etc. also keep in mind that multiple users are spread across multiple different time zones so keep that in mind

I notice but not hard to look at phone for a minute and post through day???

Don’t be the one guy how thinks everyone has to look at their phone people have lives and might not have the time to check this forum during the day it’s called life and people each have their own and schedules differ between people we all try to be active when we can

Cannt be that hard??

They fail then

Just like @Aviation360 said, we are a growing community with not a lot of users. We want there to be more activity as well. You posting and making topics as well as everyone else helps with this. Also, if you know anybody, invite them to the community so we can continue to grow and become more active.


But not everyone posting.

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Yeah, but we cant force people to post. Here are some stats from the last month. As you can see, we are slowly growing


Wow. 2 new contributor

Actually 13 with 16 new signups. We understand your concern for activity but for the size of our community, I think we are pretty active


I dont

Well I’m sorry to hear that. Hopefully we continue to grow and become more active


Fine :angry:

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How do i see that??

It’s on Discourse but only admins can access it


But brad moderator?

Admins and moderators both have access


Oh ok

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Instead of begging for activity, we should be active ourselves which will incentivize more people to be active.


I agree that is where we fail