X-Plane Global Mobile tracking thread



Guess the area :call_me_hand:


Area 51? No scenery lol - JK


I hate that X-Plane has auto gen scenery, they literally said in their update that they put whole new scenery everywhere, and that they updated the multiplayer. The multiplayer is so unstable and doesn’t sync aircraft. It only spawns them in.


How ya like me nowwww???


It’s really annoying. Hopefully this is something that they focus on more down the road. As of now, a lot of things are completely wrong, buildings in approach paths etc. There will be a lot of unhappy people :grimacing:.


Well, well, well… look who we have here! lol. Sorry, I just have no idea how to post and some forums like (intro) is locked so… imma build my trust levels.


Is it the famous ThomasR here to simulate swiss001 video, xD


Is the BA B789 in the game


X-Plane Mobile? Currently no they remain at all their original aircraft. I don’t think more will be added.


They said in one of their streams that they plan on making a lot of improvements to the mobile app. I think many users will be very disappointed considering there is no new aircraft and it’s becoming a global sim. If they are to really spark interest, they need to work on the fleet and add more. People will possibly lean interest towards other sims with more aircraft, although X-Plane offers a lot of advantage with FMS and interactivity. I think if they are to really succeed with GloMo then the aircraft selection will play a big part. I know I was quite angry when the update came along in TestFlight with the same aircraft from the current public build.


Agreed. I wasnt too interested when I saw no new aircraft, and that they still are keeping to the auto gen scenery, but the cockpit now looks a lot more realistic as well as taxiway on high graphics. They are slowly making progress to 3d buildings as terminals at Heathrow are moulded into the correct shape.


I’d be VERY surprised if they don’t add more aircraft. As Thomas mentions, to spark interest they have no choice. Yes, it’s global which is new and the scenery/ attention to detail at airports for a mobile simulator is phenomenal… there is still a long way to go!


However, the scenery is autogen, which is not 100% accurate, unlike IF


I had a big surprise when I opened X Plane GloMo…


Love the Air China :+1::+1::+1::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Interesting. Might neeed to check it out


Wait what!!! I’m checking that lit now! And may have a few shots later :wink:


Do you have to pay for the sub if your a beta tester?

Introduce yourself

Probably not or it wouldn’t be fair. @ECoops123 answer pls :slight_smile:


Shame I didn’t apply sooner