X-Plane 11 vs Prepar3D



I find that X-Plane 11 has better graphics and isn’t as laggy as P3D. What do you think?


Actually a hard question having tried P3D last October. I say they might have better aircraft


I found this video


I found some vids too


I’m torn between the they both have pros and cons and if I can get a new computer around New Years/Christmas then I intend to buy both


Only on X-Plane 11 my friends


@JacksonAviation Is that the default 747?
And what do you mean by only on X-Plane


@JacksonAviation Because look at this


Yes, it’s the default. I mean, I’m only on X-Plane. Pr3pared is so overrated


@JacksonAviation How’d you get that livery as I’ve tried getting Liveries for the default 747 and I can’t find a file for the liveries.


You have to make one


I’d say X Plane 11 for sure. I don’t have P3D but I do have some X Plane 11 photos.


What does SJC look like in xplane


@BigBert10 SJC Area:

SJC Airport:


That is not SJC
If that is SJC in X-plane, tell them that they got the airport wrong


@BigBert10 I spawned into SLC instead of SJC :man_facepalming:
Here’s SJC:


Wow! That looks really good!


How do you set up wing views!


P3D definitely, my computer can run both, and I prefer P3D just because you can get more stunning graphics imho.


Do you have a multiplayer server on both games?