Would You Rather?


G’day all, in this topic you can post would you rather polls, please follow the forum guidelines.

To start us off with here is mine.

  • Be CEO of an airline
  • Be a pilot for an airline

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Just my biggest request to you is to just follow the guidelines as linked above. Other than that let you imagine run wild.

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The answers seem legit :joy:.

I’d work for Air Canada on a 787-9 (New Livery):heart_eyes:


Would you rather…

  • Be a beta tester
  • Choose an aircraft to be added/reworked to IF, but not fly it until it is released to the public

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Would you rather…

  • Be an airline pilot
  • Train pilots to fly

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WoUlD YoU RaThEr???

  • Design a plane for airbus but only fly it once an Airline has bought it?
  • Be the First Pilot to Fly a New Plane?

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wOuLd YoU rAtHeR?

  • Fly one aircraft and that only aircraft for your entire life
  • Design an aircraft and fly it to the ceremony

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WoUlD YoU RaThEr

  • Fly to Chesepeake Bay Area Airports
  • Fly to San Fransisco Bay Area Airports

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Would you rather (this one is extremely hard for me)

  • Bring back the A310
  • Bring back the L-1011 Tristar

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Of course I would fly into the San Francisco Bay Area Airports…that’s where SJC is! :smiley:

  • fly to egll
  • fly to egss
  • none of the above and fly to @J2S city
  • spam @J2S PM inbox

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I already spam people


Goes to show how great our @moderators team is :joy:


Indeed except I chose to fly to EGLL


Good decision



You do realize what you just said


No he doesn’t he was too busy looking at this:

tbh I agree that it is onteresting


Would you rather

  • fly on Air Koryo which has had 3 incidents and 23 deaths
  • fly on Aeroflot which has had at least 730 incidents and ~8300 deaths

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That’s a hard one


Lucky for me, I am side with Japan, I like Japan better than Russia


Unfortunately Russia wins! :blush: