Winter Precipitation Report



This thread will be reporting winter precipitation. From snow to freezing rain. Where did it happen and when? How much amount of precipitation did you receive? Got any picture?

Time: 1st December 2019 at 1800Z.
Location: Minnesota
Type: Snow
Amount: 10 Inches (24.5 Cemimeter)
Picture: None

Post your report!


Time: 1st December 2019 at 1900Z.
Location: Minnesota
Type: Snow
Amount: 18.5 Inches (47 Cemimeter)


Lucky you - you have snow. I don’t :unamused:



England - Rain
When - all the time
How - Clouds.


U.K. Weather suck.

Right @ondrej2021


I agree 64967649181%


I did have some snow, it all melted though


How is this related to aviation?


It could relate to flights being delayed,ahed due to the conditions in your area.


It may not be 100% related but your getting a place to freely talk about snow. What’s there to complain about


I’m jealous I’m in England


I am too, but as me and @Gabe_Z have established…






You think UK weather is bad I work in the drive thru and am required to wear short sleeves and it’s 29 degrees here. Not even aloud to wear long sleeves underneath


Thats a weirder rule than sports direct staff have


I feel so sorry for you :joy::joy::joy:


DC has a storm barrier around it, as if the storms obey the SFRA (special flight rules area) lol