Windows 10 Beta Builds Tracking Thread

G’day all, so I have access to the beta versions of Windows 10. On here I will post of anything related to it and screenshots. I hope you enjoy.

I will post replies instead of editing the post.


Here’s an update from yesterday. The text has been summarised.

Hello #WindowsInsiders!

As the saying goes…time flies when you’re having fun together…shaping Windows. As the Windows Insider Program celebrates our 5-year anniversary, we‘d like to reflect across our journey together. Many of you have been with us as Windows Insiders since day one, and even more of you have continued to join the millions of others in our family over the years. From our start in October of 2014, you continue to be the most passionate advocates of Microsoft tech in every part of the world . Thank you for joining us on this journey together.

It has been a privilege for our team to shape Windows 10 together with you. Your love of Windows 10 has been an inspiration to us all. Your dedication to the program and your feedback of the product experiences have helped influence how we build a meaningful Windows 10 for users across the globe. As a special thank you, we have a new Windows Insider Program anniversary wallpaper inspired by our Windows Insiders.

You’ve helped shape the Windows 10 we all know and love.



Time flies…aviation community…


I use Windows 10 now :slight_smile: what are the new things? @Azure it really does


Here’s just some of the many new features in version 1909

  • Windows Hello PIN in Safe mode

  • View your phone’s battery level on your PC

  • Automatic restart for UWP apps

  • Track your Xbox Achievements and FPS

  • Faster Bluetooth pairing

  • A more convenient view of optional updates

  • WSL2 support for ARM64 devices

  • Customise the names of your virtual desktops

  • A new tablet experience for 2-in-1 convertible PCs

  • A faster, easier way to reset your PC

  • Control over restarting apps at sign-in

  • More visibility of problems in Feedback Hub

  • GPU temperature comes to Task Manager

  • Set names for your different virtual desktops

  • Install optional features at the same time

  • Adjust Mouse Cursor speed to Settings

  • More responsive updates for Notepad. Updates will be automatically available via the store

  • Sync your account picture across different apps and sites

  • A more powerful Windows Search

  • A more comprehensive view of your network status

  • Traditional Chinese IME improvements

  • Option to move the Calculator app so its always on top

  • Zoom in on screenshots in Snip & Sketch

  • An improved Cortana experience

  • Find the files you need faster with File Explorer

  • Go passwordless with Microsoft accounts on your device


It’s been awhile but we have a new about. Edge now has a new look. You can read more about it here


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Not really a fan of the icon. It’s like Windows are trying to advertise to ‘save the whales’ with the blue wave like symbol. Next thing you know their home page will be the donation button.


Let me get a side by side comparison

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They turned it from a Leo P/Donald Trump haircut to just trying to help the environment.


I’m in school :laughing:

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I must admit, I’m laughing pretty hard at this one.

image image