Why can’t I post


Why won’t my posts go through and it says pending approval


Hello. It would be guess that all new users have post pending on to limit the trolls that could come here. Once you hit a high enough trust level it goes away


If you made a long post it will need approval.


All I did was try to post in #debating


On what topic?


I tried making one


Did you try posting it again?


Yes I did


Can you post it in here fine?



obviously :roll_eyes:



It’s got to be something with the forum setting. Pretty weird tho.

Edit: Watched word?


Can you send a screenshot of the text?


It’s literally just:

Title: Is Earth Flat
Text: Is the earth flat?


Are you creating a topic?


Okay so I would suggest not making that topic as it will get closed as it’s not really aviation related at all.

Is earth flat

Yes I am


Admins, please check the setting to see if required_new_topic_approval = TL2. Don’t ask how I know this.

I agree with Qantas094. Don’t do it.


Should be fine as I’ve seen other TL2’s make topics before without any issue.


But maybe it was changed recently. That’s my guess.