Who are you thankful for on the community


Feel free to “tell” everyone who your thankful for and why.


Everyone! Thanks for being supportive


Same with me


Absolutely everyone.


Same here

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On the IFC, this thread is (kind of) a like farm lol


Well it isn’t here :slight_smile:




I’m thankful for everyone ! :blush::blush:


Let’s see.

  • @ondrej2021, for giving us this amazing forum and other things to do with my VA

  • @ECoops123, just being his usual self

  • @system, for automatically bumping topics

  • @Test, for moderating @PFG

  • @PFG, for being absolutely amazing

  • @MattyK_Aviation, for being an amazing COO and bringing our VA to life.


Only because I get to many PM’s I deleted about 20 the other day. Just to keep it clean :slight_smile:


Well, that’s who I am… An utter ****head. :cowboy_hat_face::joy:


What is @pfg?


It’s a group of people


@discobot is my favorite person here on the AFC!
I’m thankful for @ondrej2021 for making the forum, @Dylan_M for not expressing his hatred towards me when I’m annoying, for @acesoftheace_kenwei for being here, @Luke_Sta for being a great VA PIREP manager for Luxair Virtual, @Infiniteflight_17 for being the greatest COO of ASVA, and yeah that’s it thanks for watching gamers and I;ll see you laters bye


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Thanks @baseball_inferno! Now discobot shut up

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Don’t be mean to Discobot!


Sorry sire