Welcome to The Aviation Forum Community

Welcome to the Aviation Forum Community

Hello and welcome to the community. We aren’t very strict but we have a few rules you must follow at all times, you can view them here. We also have category specific rules, you can find them on the pinned post up the top of each category.

Further information regarding rules and regulations can be found here

Trust Levels

On this forum platform, we have user levels, otherwise known as trust levels. The higher your trust level, the more perks you earn. Trust levels are obtained by being active such as posting meaningful and constructive topics, liking posts, and reading discussions.

Trust Level Description
25x25 New This is the initial trust level you are placed in when first join. You are granted basic community functions at this trust level.
25x25 Basic The second level is basic user. You are granted additional community functions, but one at this trust level is still restricted from posting in several categories.
25x25 Member This is the third level, and at this point, you are granted all major community functions. You are permitted to post in all public community categories.
25x25 Regular A regular is an experienced member of the community and is given extra functions such as moving other user’s topics from one category to another and helps reduce the workload for the moderation team. Reaching regular requires extensive activity and dedication.
25x25 Leader Not obtainable by any requirements. Users at this trust level are community ambassadors.


image General - Topics that don’t need a category, or don’t fit into any other existing category.

image Meta - The meta category is the area to post an inquiry regarding Discourse itself.

image Debating - This category is for debating about things.

image Real World Aviation - This category is for all things about the real world of aviation.

image Screenshots and Videos - This category is for all pictures and videos taken in flight simulators.

image Fictional World This category is for all things about fictional airlines.

image TL3 - This category is for all TL3 users.

image Announcements - This category is for forum announcements.

image Group Flights - This category is for posting about group flights you are hosting.

image Aviation Games - This category is for making games.

image Flight Simulation - This category is for all this flight simulator related.

image Q&A - This category is for asking questions about the aviation industry.


image Features - This category is for requesting features for the forum.

image Support - This category is for support with the forum.

image ATC - This category is for all things Air Traffic Control.

image Spotting - This category is for pictures or videos you have taken while aircraft spotting


If you ever need any help with anything feel free to shoot a PM to @moderators or shoot a PM to one of them, this also includes @Qantas094 our Community Leader, you can find a list of them here.

From all us here we hope you enjoy it here.

Made with love by @Qantas094


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