Views from the Plane Window


Views from the Plane Window

Share your views from the plane window here! Most of us have been on a plane before, and the views you get can be absolutely stunning. Here are a few of mine:


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What if I took a screenshot of the view from a plane window in a cabin IN X plane 11


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I’ve got a couple

Ive got even more but I’ll just share those ones


You know, that Air China 77W suffered an uncontained engine explosion after takeoff from Washington Dulles a few weeks ago and I think it’s still grounded there.


It’s back in service


I was once in a Southwest 737-700 (I’ve only ever been in the Southwest -700, not the -300, -800, -7MAX, or -8MAX) descending into SJO (San Jose, Costa Rica) and the clouds were so dense that you could not see the winglets (it was a wing seat, right behind the right-side exit seat).


Sunrise onboard UA 804, a service from NRT-IAD (Soon to be discontinued) on the UA 77E