Vanquish Air, A Canadian Twist!

Hi all, as some of you may know I’ve been running a VA called Vanquish Air for the last few months. (This is AM4) I wasnt able to keep up with the demand of fuel, and ran out of money to pay for fuel for the aircraft. (There are no loans/banks in game)

So I started a new Vanquish Air!

I have LITERALLY no routes currently, but I can promise you I am building them up currently! :grinning:

I’ll try to update weekly! This is an a realistic mode.


No I didn’t

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Did you just make that? :joy:

Sorry @ECoops123 for this off topic we are creating.

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Yah. I’m just building up routed for the time being, I have about 3/4.

Right I’m back.


So after a couple of days work/flying, I’ve managed to get a stable fleet of 6.

  • x1 Boeing 737-800 (standard aircraft)
  • x1 Bombardier Dash 8 Q400
  • x4 Saab 340

Aircraft plans:

So, what am i doing with these aicraft, and their future plans?

Boeing 737-800:

The 737 is our main income currently, and I plan to ‘trade’ it for a 737 MAX 8 in the long future. Once we make Halifax a hub they will operate to and from Halifax only to European destinations.

Bombardier Dash 8:

Along with the A220, the Dash 8 is our main short haul fleet aircraft planned for the future, so the fleet of this will just continue to expand and fly over western Canada and Northern America. We are planning to use the main Q400, as well as a few Q200’s along the line.

Saab 340:

There isn’t a life to these aircraft, they are just a cheap aircraft with a good passenger capacity. These will be sold off or put to much smaller airports once our fleet expands.


We have expanded to 6 routes currently, and are planning to invest in the airline whilst our money increases to amounts where we can buy the Dash 8’s in groups.

New Routes: (all are from hub in Vancouver)

  • Prince Rupert (CYPR)
  • Smithers (CYYD)
  • Prince George (CYXS)
  • Williams Lake (CYWL)
  • Fort McMurray (CYMM)
  • Toronto Pearson (CYYZ)
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I did some more stuff, and opened up 3 more routes:

New Aircraft:

  • 3 Bombardier Dash 8 Q400’s

New Routes


Route map

Nice work! Hope to see you grow!

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Indeed! The Duke prices are pretty high every time I look so I’m just keeping watching on how much fuel, I have. I have a profit of about 200,000-250,000 each time I send all aircraft to depart at once. Saving up for the 3m A220.

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A little update for now, I’m not currently acting to real world problems since none of our routes are internarional across the world:

  • The Dash 8 routes are full!

We have completed our Dash 8 fleet out of Vancouver for now. We may expand in the future, and use other hubs.

  • You can buy our shares!

Yes, we are now on the stock market with currently 50,000 shares for grabs! Depending on demand, we will improve this in the future.

  • 7 A220’s ordered

With our Dash 8 routes now completed, we are moving on to our next aircraft, the Airbus A220-100. We have purchased 6 of these, along with 1 A220-300. The routes have been decided, but arent being announced yet.

Wait… how do you do that?

Airlines Manager 4. It syncs all players together so you can chat in alliances, pay for synced fuel prices, and way more than all previous AM’s didn’t have.

The surge of new aircraft! :heart_eyes:

Back with some more stuff!

At this moment in time I’m not reacting to the pandemic, since my airline is small, but has a feisty income, I’m not acting out any real world issues until I believe I am financially stable.

Route map!

New routes since last update:

  • CYWL William’s Lake, Canada (Saab 340)
  • CYXE Saskatoon, Canada (Dash 8 Q400)
  • KSEA Seattle, Washington (Dash 8 Q400)
  • KPDX Portland, Oregon (Dash 8 Q400)
  • KGEG Spokane, Washington (Dash 8 Q400)
  • KSMF Sacramento, California (Dash 8 Q400)
  • KSJC San Jose, California (A220-300)*
  • KABQ Albuquerque, New Mexico (A220-100)
  • KSTL Saint Louis, Missouri (A220-100)
  • KIND Indianapolis, Indiana (A220-100)
  • KMKE Milwaukee, Wisconsin (A220-100)

*KSFO will be added to our destinations later, until are financially stable to buy the A320Neo, and 787-8 it is scheduled to use.


  • 4 Saab 340
  • 9 Bombardier Dash 8 Q400
  • 6 Airbus A220-100
  • 3 Airbus A220-300
  • 1 Boeing 737-800

The Saab 340 is literally worth nothing to sell, and we are getting about 3 times the profit we would on 1 flight than selling it. The 737-800 will be traded with a 737 MAX 8 over time

Financial stuff

We still have shares! All our 100,000 shares have been purchased by 7 clients, a total of $913,296 currently invested.

I invest in many Airlines in the dumps daily, and as soon as I believe they have hit their peak, I sell the shares, making a high profit.

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Not to go off topic but I may have to download this… Looks fun

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Airlines Manager 4.

It’s really helpful and more realistic:

  • You have to pay for fuel. Prices regularly change every 30 mins.
  • You have to pay for CO2 quotas. Same thing as fuel.
  • Aircraft will get worn and more prone to faults, they can crash on a super rare occasion.
  • Stocks and shares! Buy and sell shares from real people’s Airlines! Your money depends on their choices!
  • Cargo is an option. You either have to pay real money, or wait a very long time to use this feature. I paid. lol. I have no cargo aircraft yet.
  • The fleet range is so wide.
  • Most airports are in the game.
  • There is a in-game forum, pretty cool. It’s almost as active as the IFC.
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I downloaded and started playing it… I’ll make a thread on mine soon. It would be cool if we could make a partnership or whatever they call it

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You should join AE and I’ll overflood the market, then pull out of it so you can expand lol

We can’t. It’s a different version. There are alliances and OMG I SHOULD CREATE ONE.

But I think I’d need to make another purchase for that.

Edit: An Alliacne for my Airline costs $83M. I currently have $1.5M :joy:

For reference, a A220-300 costs about $6.5m

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No flex but I have $42 Billion


Lol. I’ve only been playing for 25 days though. And have a lot of money invested in shares.