Hi. Sometimes, I can’t unlike a comment even if i tap so can anyone help me


Hello, after how long are you trying to unlike it?


Usually 3 min but sometime it can be days


OK well you found the solution yourself. Discourse has it after x amount of seconds (which equate to minutes) you can’t un-do likes. I would have to change the value in settings.


Ah, than explains it but I don’t know why can they undo that…that’s so weird


look around meta.discourse.org and you might find a answer. Any specific number you want to undo actions? Obviously this also is interwoven with other various bits


Wdym? Plus, I can’t find an answer…


Basically if I change the value, it can also impact things we don’t want it to


What things would have an impact? I’m very curious


It would imact these @acesoftheace_kenwei. I would have to compensate by adding new values


I’m still confuse by what you’re showing me


If I change the like one these could play up in short so I would need to change these too.


Can you explain it in a simple way, I have hard time understanding due to poor English, still learning


If I change the like setting I will have to change the ones I showed above :slight_smile:


What do these different grace period means?


What it says in the picture. A grace period is a period immediately after the deadline - google.


So what will happen if we change it?


Nothing I change the ones in the picture :slight_smile:


So for example if we change the editing grace to 400 seconds, there won’t be any effect or what’s the effect?


correct :slight_smile: