Ukrainian Airplane Crash

This is breaking news and a developing story.

An airplane had just crashed in Iran after takeoff. The airplane was carrying 180 passengers and crews. It said it could have been a technical issue, but this is a developing story. No other information is available at this time.

Update #1:

Note: This might be not the one.

Update #2: The aircraft is B737.

Update #3: NOTE: Graphics Warning

Update #4: No one survived. Rest in Peace.

Update #5:

This is really sad, and the beginning of something. Not a single survivor and Iran admitted they shot it down. Before they said it, they refused to give the black box to Boeing and USA until decided to say NSTB can help investigate the crash. Then came a video with a missile hitting the aircraft and Pentagon had officially announced that it was a missile. Until Iran told they admitted it. Iran says it was a human error because the aircraft took a turn heading an Iran military base.

Quote from @DGGR (From another community):

Two link sources from @Callum5124 (From another community).

A link source from @Bravo.C.

I think that’s enough for me tonight. Rest in peace for those people who did not survive.


Looks like the registration of this airplane was UR-PSR

Praying for all those involved


Found it and @BigBert10 is right, the registration is UR-PSR

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I’m not going to speculate, but this seems too suspicious considering what has happened a few hours before the crash. And, I found somewhere that the vertical stabilizer was full of holes…

Sincere condolences to the affected families and friends D:

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I have recently been presented an image of the crash site with what appears to be the tail of a missile being in a gutter. I cannot confirm this true, but it would not be surprising in my eyes for it to be.


Is this it?


Yes it is


Some sources including Pentagon says that Iran shot it down. I will update the thread tonight or tomorrow.

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Canadian Prime Minister is 100% sure the aircraft was shot down by a Russian-made surface to air missile, reports say. more info in this article, with a new video that shows the rockets hitting the plane

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Iran admits it has “unintentionally” shot the Ukranian 737 down, killing 176 people onboard. They say they were pressured by the missile launches just hours before the crash.


Yep, I just read that one. No wonder why they shoot at it.