TL3 requirements (only if selected by staff)

We are going to outline some criteria you must reach or exceed if you would like TL3.
These are not based off real requirements and differ from what is previously posted. Please follow these


  • Log on at least once every day (we can check)
  • 3 days and above read time
  • Have 300 + likes
  • Must be actively participating in discussion encouraging users. This includes as an example: new topics, posting, likes etc…
  • maximum of 3 flags
  • cannot be suspended or silenced at any time this automatically disqualifies you from the process.


  • Not follow what it says above if you are wanting to be TL3.
  • not be active
  • be flagged, silenced/suspended

This topic is the approximate requirements for staff to promote users. It is different if system promotes you. However, if you do not meet the real requirements set system will demote you.

Thanks :wink:

For questions make a topic or send me a PM :+1: