The Transfer - Rolling Out

Hello Everyone,

As you all know very well, us (the staff team) is trying to transfer to the GAC (Global Aviators Community). Through out the past month, it would’ve seemed that not much is happening. We stayed quite quiet about what was going on to prevent false hope in some users. Although we haven’t said much, we where working hard to try to make this work. The original date to transfer was set to take place over 1 month ago, but that never happened as we encountered various issues along the way. Long story short, we weren’t able to transfer the way we tried as the issue occurring was on Discourse’s end; we couldn’t do anything about it. So what is happening with the transfer, a question I know a lot of you have. After a lot of thinking between me and Ondrejj, we came to the conclusion that what ever happens, we want to be on that forum.

So here’s what’s going to happen:

Over the span of the next 3 months, we will slowly start to drift into the GAC. We’ve realized that we won’t be able to ‘transfer’ anything, like we previously wanted. We also know that it would be terrible to start from scratch. So this is what will happen. Every single user who is active should make an account on the GAC right away, so you don’t have to worry about it later. If you were in the batch of people who made an account a while ago, and got anonomized, make a new one, as we cannot reverse that. Here’s a rough table of what the drift should look like:

Time Status Of The Drift
Now - July 26th Some activity on the GAC, but most on here
July 27th - August 15th By now, activity should be spread evenly, with around 50% on here, and 50% on the GAC
August 16th - September 6th Over 75% of activity should be on the GAC, with only a little amount on the AFC
September 7th - Onward All activity should be on the GAC

Upon making an account on the GAC, you may notice that a lot of topics that are on here aren’t on the GAC, so feel free to make any/all topics needed. We understand that this isn’t the most convenient thing possible, but sometimes we just have to move on :wink:

Sorry For The Inconvenience

— The Staff Team



You will re gain your trust level as soon as you join the GAC.


And badges? Also us TL3 would just lose it as we have not has 100 days on the GAC

Also IFS, once we are on the GAC will our accounts be shut down here?

We can manually promote to TL3. Don’t worry, you will still be a regular


We can mass grant badges

manual promotion.

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TL Lock :smile: yes… no?

The chances of anyone getting a TL3 lock is low. You need to make considerable contributions to the community before we do that.

but would the TL not just fall as there is not 100 days? That is what I don’t understand. Even with manual promotion

So I’m assuming stats will not be transferred over? Also is there a link to the new community?

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Here is the link for the GAC


can we create our accounts now?

Please read the original post in it’s entirety.

But yes, you may make your account now.


If we Manually promote you, it’s different.

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Oh, great. Thanks

Also I can’t create an account

I can’t either, but that’s not much of an issue, it was the same when joining the AFC. Problem I am having is I can’t add the forum to Discourse hub on mobile. Gives me an odd message.

I will make it work. You can now login

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I didn’t receive a confirmation email though.

You don’t have to.

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half the time I can’t get on the GAC. It just spins

I will start sorting everything out now