The daily life of a ramper (Nov 25)

After much thought, I have decided that I’ll make this topic to talk about what a day in the life as a ramper is. This post highlights my day from yesterday, Nov 25 and starts with me getting to work. Also, some quick background info. We have gates 1,3,5 at my airport.

As I pull into the employee parking lot, I noticed that our mainline flight is still there on Gate 5?and wondering what is going on… so I rush inside to the ramp and figure out that the plane has maintenance issues… great. Exactly how I wanted to start my shift. I didn’t think to much of it and got ready for my first plane that was going to come into gate 1 from ORD. Shortly thereafter it landed and we got started on it. We get everything loaded in the time frame and are getting ready to push it when it has maintenance issues. So that’s 2 planes on gates 1 and 5 with issues. Our only open gate is 3 and is about to be taken by our first of 2 Charlotte flights. It pulls in and we get working on it… at 350, our first of 3 Dallas flights land and has to wait 20 minutes for a gate since all of them are full. Once we got CLT out, we put the first Dallas on 3 and work on it. 20 min into that, Chicago pushes and our next Chicgao flight arrives… well, since gate 3 is full, we put it on Gate 1. We turn that, etc and get both chicgao and 1st Dallas out. This is a dominos affect for the next hour as our mainline stayed on 5 and Dallas 2 and 3 went to 1 and our last CLT went to 3.

Thats how my day was yesterday. Most days run smoothly with all these planes but having two mechanical delays really shuffled things a lot


Jeeez, that must’ve been rather hectic - but I’m sure it was nothing you couldn’t handle :slight_smile: