Sorry, an error has occurred


Every couple of seconds on the AFC, I see that message. Could someone help me get it to go away?


Have you tried adding https:// to the URL?


No I have not. I’ll see if that works.


OK, it could be a trust level error thing going haywire though


The https:// doesn’t show up after I enter URL.


Try to copy and paste this was a known issue and seems to go away with time


I did. The https:// still doesn’t show up in the URL.


You need to type it in


The https:// still doesn’t show up in front of the URL.


So see the URL you have now. Go to the beginning of it and type in manually the https://


That didn’t do it either.


So error still appears?


Sometimes, just not as often now.


I am checking error logs, but there is nothing there for today

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Topic ready when I need it again :slight_smile: send me a PM if it happens again or ping the @AFC_mods they will tell me.


I’ll test this later


OK, thanks