I was wondering how many of you guys ski or snowboard. Where do you go? What’s your gear list? How good are you? What type of terrain do you prefer?

  • Ski
  • Snowboard
  • None
  • Other (i.e snowbike, snowskate)

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I personally snowboard and I go to Sunlight, Snowmass or Powderhorn regularly. I have occasionally gone to Telluride or Abasin. I would say I am quite good at snowboarding but I hate doing tricks. My favorite type of terrain is blues, blacks and double blacks. I also really enjoy backcountry riding (I usually take a snowmobile when I ride backcountry.)

Gear List
  • Board: 155cm K2 Standard
  • Bindings: None at the moment but I used K2 sonic bindings
  • Boots: None at the moment but I used Burton BoneOuts
  • Gloves: AlpineStar or just a pair of leather gloves
  • Pants: Helly Hansen SOGN cargo pant
  • Jacket: ThirtyTwo 4TS Stacker or Helly Hansen ULLR
  • Helmet: Marker Clark
  • Goggles: Triple9
  • Backpack: Dakine Heli

I’ve been skiing in a massive virtual indoor real snow environment. The rest of it where I live is rain. Haven’t had snow actually lay in about 7+ years here, I remember taking a sledge down a massive hill in my local woods. That was a fun time.


I might break my leg

There is a risk with any hobby that you do. Some people are capable or tripping up on a totally flat surface…


The closest I’ve been to skiing or snowboarding is just going down a hill on a sledge :joy: . From the 6 years I lived in Poland where it snows every year, I couldn’t persuade my mum to take me to the Silesian Beskids which were only 50min away by car :frowning:. I’ve only done the walking through them during the summer with some mates.

I Ski in Upstate New York, I also go to Colorado once every 2 years. Mainly Vail. In upstate New York I ski a lot more, at Bellayre.

You guys know Laura the dev actually do some skate with kids in NYC? Apology for going off topic if it is

Wouldn’t be weird to see that. After all devs are humans too


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Skiing is the best but I don’t ski often for obvious reasons. The closest place to ski is a 10hr drive from my house.

What does it mean :dizzy_face:

Let’s stop with off topic. @Planeguy you can dispute who can say that in a message :blush:


There are different terrain difficulties and symbols.
A green circle is easiest
A blue square is intermediate (but really fun)
A single black diamond is “difficult”
A double black diamond is usually expert terrain
An orange pill shaped thing is a man-made park

Then there are sometimes branches of these main symbols but that’s the basic idea.
Here is a link with more information if you need it.

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doesssssss sledddding count?

Maybe. Alot of ski resorts have sledding hills on their property.

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Don’t forget “Extreme Terrain”

That’s usually the same as expert terrain. The name just varies depending on where you’re from.

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