Hi, I notice from Swiss001 video that when the tide comes in, the runway of Barra would disappear like you can’t see the runway anymore, so how do pilots know the runway IRL? What about in a seaplane airport like Lake Hood Seaplane Base?


I expect that they have times where the airport is closed and aircraft cannot approach?


Then won’t the aircraft flying to there will have to flight to other airport and if it’s a passenger flight could meant problem for the passengers


I also probably think that flights to that destination are probably not planned at the times of a high tide.


What if it’s a seaplane base


No problem :joy::rofl:

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Sea planes can land on water. But I’m not sure about a minimum depth.

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So if it’s a seaplane base, how will pilots determine where the runway is?


Where the… urrr, water is?:man_shrugging::man_facepalming:


Notice how this is a seaplane base but the runway isn’t identified so how do pilots know where the runways are? You can hardly see the runway…


Maybe they just do :man_shrugging:


For Seaplanes they will have buoys marking out the runway width.
For Commercial/GA they will have charts of airports eg
Approach, departures etc. As well as listening to the ATIS for said airport



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Well I think that @JAYLAF747 solved it for us, thanks!