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The real question is, what are you doing up so early?

(I mean today)


How long what is


So long the message has to be approved


I’m doing a red-eye in IF from SAN-BOS


I ask myself that questions a lot of the times and the answer usually is work lol


My red-eye flight starts descending from FL370 in a few minutes


OK, nice to know :+1:


don’t ask who Joe is


whO iS jOe Mr Cr3W


Anyways, back on-topic


I personally prefer PlayStation over Xbox because it is easier to use for me. Ok now it’s the same layout as Xbox just with Letters, but I just find it easier to play for me, and more fun


Not this again


wHo iS jOe mR. cR3W

jOe MaMa




@baseball_inferno guess how many special planes are coming to IAD today

And guess what the weather is.


My guess is that the weather is crap in DC right now





I only know that cuz the one flight to DCA that my airport has is delayed



If any of you guys see weird things happening to the AFC, such as weird color changes, larger icons, or larger/smaller things in general, it is because @ondrej2021 and I are testing out new themes.


The AIr France JonOne 77W is coming to Dulles today @baseball_inferno

Meanwhile @Dylan_M and @JacksonAviation just sit there as 4/5 inbounds to JFK/LGA/EWR are special aircraft lol


bring up the VFA-31