Random Chat


You jest @Aviator_ryan


@ondrej2021 Hanukkah ends on the 30th, so if I could keep the tag til the 31st, that would be optimal.


OK sure. Whatever suites you :wink:


I still need my title @ondrej2021 :joy:. You know it lol.


was it trouble ? … I actually need to look


‘Temporary Annoyance’


How to annoy Ecoops_123


I’ve literally read the entire forum. What else is there to do to become a normal TL3?


PayPal £10,000 to @ondrej2021 obviously :roll_eyes:


Don’t be a temporary nuisance annoyance


Well now you understanding the meaning of my title :slight_smile:

Neither of us have our own PayPals lol.


And sing Ice ice baby if you are as specific as Misha

Also you have 3 ticks left


How many ticks do I have?

camping be like


@ondrej2021 I found your theme song



8 ticks


How many do I have left?


About 8 if I counted correctly by looking at it for 1 second


@ondrej2021 What are ticks? How many do I have?


This might as well be called "how discreetly can. @ondrej2021 tell you without giving any requirements away trust level topic"


I just give my part to the community, and overall don’t care about my TL here, because I get respected and liked for who I am :smiley:. Which is why I’m on here as much as i can be! I may not contribute, but you’ll often see me liking a topic or seen recently.