Question about ToS


Where does ToS count? Only in public topics? Or also in a PM?


ToS applies for the whole community


And not following these Terms will result in suspension, or as follows :slight_smile:

Forum suspension table


Like everywhere. So @baseball_inferno can’t post his thing in a PM to a person?


An ADMIN can see all of your PM’s, and they can monitor them all without you even knowing. If your :musical_note: Not proud be an American :musical_note: I’m sure that doesn’t go against the ToS, but just beware as how and who your stating, as politics to some people can be very sensitive. Us brits for example, either get it over with or kill us all whilst your at it. :roll_eyes:

Going back on topic, I’m not sure what you overall mean by ‘his thing’, I’m just guessing. Also generally try not to call out users :slight_smile:


It’s not a well known fact but Jeff Atwood thinks it should be. Admins can see all PM’s but tbh if you look it defeats purpose of a PM under circumstances we will look. (like if you have been bullying) However, moderators can only see flags if a flag is live.


aDmInS then I’m not as Discourse smart as you :roll_eyes::joy:


Don’t worry. :slight_smile:

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