Qantas wants airbus not a Boeing

This is a interesting article of Qantas wants airbus for long haul and not Boeing because of the deadly crash of the MAX



That’s stinks for Boeing


I think this is amazing, Boeing sucks when it comes to new more safe and efficient aircraft. Congratulations Airbus.



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Lol… We aren’t recruiting Boeingers here… :laughing:


@ECoops123 I was trying to say Boeing is better

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There is a #debating topic for this…





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#Iguessyoucancarryon :slight_smile:

If there is one thing I hate is when people use the 737 MAX as an excuse not to order Boeing (Referring to the news articles) that’s like saying your not ordering Airbus if the A320neo crashes. Yes the MAX caused 2 deadly crashes in 1 year on the same reason but does it really need to be a factor? The 777 is a totally different aircraft to the 737 MAX plus it’s the safest plane ever to built only suffering 4 hull loses in its 25 years of service. Also Qantas chose the A35K but they haven’t said anything about Project Sunrise going ahead which will be announced sometime in 2020 according to various sources. So there is still a chance of Qantas ordering the 777X as well.


Completely agreed. Although I’m literally the only one here who trusts the 737 MAX, you shouldn’t always judge an aircraft by another series. Even if the 737 is the most common aircraft to crash in the history of commercial aviation… :point_up: And the most popular commercial aircraft.


Yes I also think the MAX is safe with how hard Boeing is trying fix, you have to also remember that the 737 is nearly a 60 year old design and of course is going to have more accidents than the A320 which is half the 737s age and Airbus itself is half the age of Boeing


At no point in that article, does it say that the 737 MAX was the reason, or the factor that contributed to the Qantas decision. They aren’t judging the 777X on the 737 MAX crashes, it has nothing to do with project sunrise. They are completely different aircraft that operate in different markets.

Qantas themselves also never said that the 737 MAX was one of the factors in their decision.

Yes, the article does say that it delivers a fresh blow to Boeing after what has happened with the 737 MAX, but they aren’t judging the 777X by the 737 MAX by saying that.

On another note, I think the A350 is a fantastic decision. It’s definitely the right aircraft for what Qantas wants to do. Why go for an aircraft that hasn’t even made its first flight yet when an aircraft that is already flying is available? (Yes the A350 will require modifications, which will probably require re-certification, but that still isn’t as much a certifying an entirely new aircraft)


Sry meant to say Articles

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Don’t worry, I’m not directing it at you, but everyone involved in the discussion in general

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Ps: Airbus is better.

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