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Hey guys I’m not making any money on airlines manager and need help understanding it thank you.

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What does D-1 mean?

And this aswell? image

Division 1? Or is that sports?

From Airline Empires, I was going through the same situation as you. I was not profiting at all (in fact, I was losing money). What I did was expand quickly, use aircraft as much as I could, raise prices for tickets (especially premium classes) but add some amenities (and take away others such as TVs), and have fleet commonality. I only operated CRJs out of Bismarck, South Dakota (although the planes flew routes with origins and destinations outside of the Dakotas), and at the end even had a few A220s on order.

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Well I am making profit actually now


I decided to check into my Airlines Manager account after about a year and a half:

I had minus four billion.

So I started a new one.

Thread coming soon.


Oh erm… OK :joy:

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Lol. Literally I didn’t expect that :joy:

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pan am flashbacks


Open service to San Jose (SJC/KSJC)

And D-1 means Day 1, which I think is how much you made on your current zulu day
As for growth, just be patient and if you’re on professional, take risky investments

Actually don’t. The price to operate at San Jose compared to SFO, while also comparing the total amount of PAX and earnings, it isn’t worth the investment.

Real, working tips:

Maintain a small, paired fleet, with one aircraft linked to one route. Don’t buy more routes than aircraft in your fleet, and vice versa.

Operate into Major Cities, and work your way to smaller ones, as more PAX in bigger cities with higher demand will increase ticket prices and earn you a lot more

Focus more on Short-Range operations, and work your way to Long-Haul.

Hope this helps!

San Jose is a major city…

…so yeah…open SJC! :smiley:

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I just lost 6 mil for no reason overnight

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I am. Selling all my routs, hubs and aircraft. I’m starting again…