Pilot Basics

If I wanted to learn the basics of becoming a pilot ie controls, weather, tech stuff, what should I do?( I’m only a teen so I can’t go to flight schools)


Well the internet and YouTube would be a good place to start. That’s how I learned. Also playing lots of Infinite Flight helped

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You click also Pm me. I’m a RW pilot (private pilot) and can help u

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Yes Pm me if you want I have resources for you to learn.

Also PM me. You can start flying I believe as an experience with an adult at any age, start lessons at 14, fly with only you and the instructor at 14/15, and fly solo at 16 before getting your license at 17. This is for me in the U.K. I’m 15, and take regular lessons as well as working as an apprentice as an Aircraft Mechanic :upside_down_face:

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I live in the US so I don’t know I we can start that age


I believe this is American


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If this user is in the US it’s best to let someone in the US answer questions and as well as someone who has had there license for 3 plus years. I know we all want to help but we don’t need false information being spread

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OK, @Aviator_ryan are you the designated helper?

I just don’t want wrong information spread to him. It seems to me like everyone wants to help but yet doesn’t have the experience to help


OK well I assign you :slight_smile: if you want


Well, I’ve apply to an Aviation School, that I’ve enter!
So I know main basics and requirements

I’m good with that. I’m sure the OP would appreciate that.

@anon17780144 congrats. Keep learning and enjoy ground school. Learn as much as u can and then once you obtain the lincese help people


Ok, thanks for that @Aviator_ryan