Padlock on post?

I am pretty new to Discourse @ECoops123 knows. This just appeares on my post


I’m not sure myself. May be a closed post/topic or something :thinking:

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Do you know what it means? Surely you can’t close a post?

Moderators can delete posts. I’m not quite sure here though as a deleted post would be off your screen too :thinking:

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So this only appears to me

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I have no idea where you got the psot from :man_shrugging:

It is my post

I gathered that. :man_facepalming:

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I thought not before

@Sashaz55 @OldJacksonAviation @Qantas094 @Dylan_M @ondrej2021

Please help me


Tagging users separately isn’t really helpful. It just creates spam for when they next spawn in. Check when the latest moderator was active

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No this appeared on my post. Not the top left for closing topic

I guess the moderators locked editing on that post. This means you won’t be able to edit that specific post. I don’t think it has to do with the topic being closed.


The post was most likely locked so no one can do anything to it. Not the topic. Can you link to the post please?


It is unlisted

So you can’t see it? If you link an unlisted topic we can still view the post.

Yes the post that you tagged me in, was both closed and unlisted. It was also closed so you can’t edit it. Seems fairly simple why they’d do that.

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Personally, I have no words to this. Just learn not to get in a hissy fit and leave the forums when aggravated :zipper_mouth_face:


Thanks, yeah the post has been locked as I’m unable to edit the post I can only make it a Wiki and rebuild the HTML.


Solved. Thanks @ThomasR