What do you think caused the MAX crashes only MCAS or Just pure Pilot error

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It was 100% the MCAS System not pilot error

As @Qantas094 said its was caused by MCAS


Pilots not told sometimes. Not trained enough in some instances. MCAS got the better of them. Conclusion is MCAS

The pilots weren’t properly trained what the MCAS was or how it worked, so they didn’t know it was a good thing and tried to go against it, however during the ferry flights, the MCAS did have issues, so my conclusion:

  • Pilot Error was responsible for ET302 JT610
  • MCAS was responsible for the ferry flight incidents at cruise
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@baseball_inferno your reasoning is that same of mine with the crashes

Where as they didn’t know about MCAS ok but it was uncommanded Trim there fore falling under the Runaway Stabilzer Trim Checklist, if followed correctly and the problem persists then the Trim Cut Off switches would be switched to off this cutting off MCAS and saving the plane… But you still have to trim it back and if you’re going at high speeds then you would have to do a “roller coaster” to create a disturbance of airflow over the elevator and therefore allowing the Captain and copilot to manually trim in that amount of time.

Also the flight crew On JT610 turned off the switches, but turned back which ultimately caused the crash of JT610 but they didn’t know about the “roller coaster” but appears that they didn’t realize they could manually trim out the aircraft.

The “roller coaster” is described in the old 737 classic flight manuals but not in the NG and the MAX.

How could it be pilot error for those crashes when they weren’t told about MCAS it wasn’t even mentioned to them not even in the 60 min iPad course which all the MAX pilots was given.

@JAYLAF747 look at my post above

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That’s poor pilot training on part of the airlines which resulted in pilot error.

It’s not on the part of the airline, again its down to Boeing not providing the training to airlines and pilots. Also if its pilot error the Pilots wouldn’t have begun to fight back in the ways that the Ethiopian crews done

From what I’m seeing your going down the pilot error road, which imo the MAX crashes cannot possibly be solely blamed on the pilots as I’ve said before it all traces back to Boeing who never fully disclosed the information about MCAS

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Pilot error is partially blamed however the main culprit is the MCAS system. And the unreliability of it.

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MCAS is partly the reason for the crashes. In my opinion it was fully it’s fault but Boeing said it was lack of pilot training but I think they are trying to cover up as the pilots would be under stress trying to fight MCAS

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