Ok so I could not find a good category to put this in but why do I get notifications for topics I have not contributed in. How do I disable this? Like I get a notification for random chat even though I have not done anything like comment, like, and watch it. I just want Notifications when people message me or @ me not when I like something or comment. Someone, please tell how remove this!


Hello @pertonics!

You may control this in your preferences here. Perhaps even disable live notifications but this would stop you getting notifications from topics you like. Also please revise your email notification settings.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Its more like I get the blue circle above my account. Thats what I don’t want. I don’t have this issue on the IFC.

Hey @pertonics!

Welcome to the AFC! Did you come from the Infinite Flight Community? (IFC)

Anyways welcome and I hope you enjoy your time here.


Like on your profile picture?

Yes I did.

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I fixed it. I went into setting and it had me watching all the topics I deleted them all so I only get notified when someone @s me thanks for your help!


Ah yes. sorry that’s been causing lots of confusion lately. I’ll have to change that when I have time :slight_smile:

@pertonics outsmarted me :cry: - Solved

Nice new profile picture :slight_smile: