No shield?


Why does @Test not have a shield next to his name?


Test isn’t in the default Moderator group which mods get the shield. He is in custom group (AFC_Mods) which mean he didn’t get the shield.


Used to have it before. So he isn’t a moderator anymore?


Or setting change.


What do you mean by that?


Standard Moderators are assigned by the System (@Rev9), and are given moderator abilities. The moderator shield is applied by AFC_Mods, which is done manually by Staff. This group like us ATC, gives them a shield badge on their profile.

In other words, @Test has moderating abilities, but isn’t a moderator in the eyes of the staff.


I am so confused? So can moderator grant moderator?


To the top of my knowledge, I believe so yes. Either that or just TL5’s can. Oooohhhhhhh @ondrej2021!!! Helpy time! :thinking::call_me_hand:


Just invited him to the topic. I learn that yesterday


Only admins can grant others admin or moderator. Moderators (regarding TL’s) can change from TL 0-4. The moderator shield is automatic when granted moderator / admin. Test is only TL4 currently as we don;t have any testing to do for a while.

No they cannot

Good idea :slight_smile:

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