New TSATC Thread!

Welcome To The Official New TSATC Thread


Who We Are:

TSATC is a organization that strives to bring quality ATC service to the Training Server. With ATC trainers as well as partnerships with other Virtual Airlines and Organizations TSATC is bringing the best possible service to the Training server!

TSATC History

TSATC was founded on July 29th, 2019, under the control of @benself . He remained the CEO for a couple of months, until @Connor took over as CEO. TSATC grew bigger and better over time, until some unfortunate events occurred, which forced Connor to resign in October. @AviationMad took over as the CEO when this occurred, recently @AviationMad resigned from his position as CEO, @Sashaz55 has taken over and aims to change TSATC for the future.

How Do We Roll?

Each week our schedule manager comes up with a Diverse Schedule that corresponds with the VAs that we partner with, this way VAs that do not have a day on the Expert Server with ATC for there pilots TSATC can provide the same kind of quality ATC to the Training server for the VAs pilots, all in all its a great deal!

VA/VO Partnerships

We believe that partnerships with some of the best VAs and VOs of this community really can help TSATC grow, as of the day of this thread being posted TSATC will be offering Training Programs to VAs to help train there pilots to do ATC, at the same time they will be training to be a part of the TSATC team if they want, even if they say no at the beginning they can come back to the TSATC team at any time.

What VAs are we currently partnered with?

At the moment we are only partnered with SWVA Training is going really well and we are excited to bring this to more and more VAs as well as VOs.

Event Partnerships

TSATC doesn’t only partner with VAs/VOs we also partner with events, so do you have a quality event on Training server that you would like to have high quality ATC? TSATC can provide that ATC at a reasonable amount per month, this way we can share and expand at how good the TSATC team is!

Our Staff:

CEO: @Sashaz55

Hey there! I’m the CEO of TSATC and I’ve been here for awhile, I was the first controller in TSATC until I became a Recruiter, then I was promoted to the role of Chief Recruiter which I kept for months until finally taking a break from recruiting to be the COO, I helped @AviationMad make what TSATC is now until he stepped down. I plan to make TSATC one of the best Organizations if you need a chat please PM me.

COO: Vacant, If you would like this role please PM @Sashaz55.

Schedule Manager: @VAnuj

Hi! I’m Anuj, the Head of Scheduling here! I make all the TSATC schedules that let our controllers let you fly around the Training Server with professional ATC service. I’ve always loved being on a Staff team and TSATC is no different. Everyone here is amazing and is the reason that TSATC is such an amazing place for me to be.

Recruiter: @Jeodanie_Smith

Good Day to all ATC and Pilots! I’m happy to serve as your Recruiter for the TSATC team. My home airports are JFK & LGA. I’m dedicated to help changing the stigma associated with the training server. Please feel free to message me anytime as I have an open door type policy. See you in the skies, and as always, have a SAFE flight and happy landings!

HR Manager: Vacant, If you would like this role please PM @Sashaz55.

Who To Contact?

User Reason to contact
@Sashaz55 Contact for event partnership, open staff position, VA issues, and VA Partnership.
@VAnuj Schedule Concerns, VA Partnership and Event Partnership.
@Jeodanie_Smith Recruitment concerns/questions.


Pilot Requirements:

In order to apply for TSATC you must meet the following requirements

  1. 500 Operations
  2. Grade 2
  3. Must be able to pass a written test and a practical test
  4. MUST be IFC User/TL1
  5. 13 Years of Age

VA Requirements:

  1. Pilots who want to be trained must pass Requirements above ^
  2. At least 4 pilots who want to be Trained

Event Partnership Requirements:

  1. At Least 15 Attendees
  2. Well organized

Like What you see?

Please apply below, allow for a maximum of 5 days for a reply.

Our Partners: