New themes (trying again)


After looking through IFC through inspect element, I discovered what the problem was. I have republished the rewritten themes, and they should work. No glitches so far. Again, please report glitches!

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On mobile there is no blue stripe. Not sure if intended. However, it does flash blue then disappear.


hmmmmm, havent tested on mobile yet. I’ll debug that when i get home maybe if my phone works


OK, no worries :grin:


Does reloading fix anything? It doesn’t work on desktop or mobile without a reload so idk


No if I reload it does the same


Hmmmmm…lemme check


Works for me on desktop light mode and dark mode


Help @Hymenopus_Coronatus this is my tablet…

Reload does not make this go away.


Yeah ik about that glitch, I’ll fix it on desktop forgot to remove some old codd


Nvm that glitch doesn’t exist. It’s probably the cache, it’ll fix itself when the cache clears


This is awesome but I don’t harm enough have the blue line at the homepage