New Here


Hey there, I’m Mavic, I was invited here by @Qantas094, he’s a friend of mine on the IFC, here is my IFC account.

Glad to be here, yes I have read the rules of the forum and will abide by them :+1:



Welcome to our community, enjoy your stay. Also, this is the one of the only forums to allow you to post off topic stuff here in Random Chat. Have fun!


Hey @Mavic! Welcome to the AFC.

you can get a better welcome on the Introduce Yourself topic!

And I think we all know @Qantas094 :wink: When don’t we see a post from him?


@ECoops123 I don’t know when? Anyway welcome mate I hope you enjoy it here! This post has been blurred for what Ecoops said above.


Welcome on behalf of everyone and the staff :wink:


Welcome! We all hope you enjoy it here!

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