My site feedback 1


So my feedback after using the forum for a few hours is… well not to bad. There are a few problems like the 500 Internal Server Error and all that jazz but it gets the job done.

My biggest pet peeve is the naming of some category’s. They are seen in the picture below.
As you can see, some of the categories the first letter isn’t a capital letter when it should be.

One of my favourite features is the PM from the system when you receive the New User If The Month badge it’s really welcoming and inviting and makes the user feel more at home.
I hope you fix up some of the issues that I have experienced. Also I hope you take this feedback on board.


OK, fixing categories. I don’t have 500 with my account or my test account


Not sure then, it happens every now and then.


Positive is that categories have capitals now :wink:


Thanks mate.