Manufacturer badges


Is it possible for us to have the team badges back like last time?


@ondrej2021 we need the.
Team airbus
Team Boeing
Team McDonald Douglas
Team Lockheed Martin
Team Embraer
Team Cessna
Team cirrus
Team floker
Team cubcrafter
Team BomBardier

I know that there are some one the list that no longer produce aircraft but some users still love their aircraft.


Who is that?

I think I get who you mean.


Would you like the badges in stages?
For example:

team Cubcrafters:

Team Cubcrafters
team Cubcrafters enthusiast
Dedicated team Cubcrafters

This will be a lot more work and all that; please vote below:

  • Yes
  • No
  • Other (state below)

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My reason for other: stated in this post


My reason for other I am guessing it will still be done :wink:


Yeah that should be good. As I like both Airbus and Boeing but prefer Boeing


Seems like @ondrej2021 has work to do :confused: sorry.


Haha thanks, I’m sure I will enjoy it.


That is 30 badges! If I do 3 for each.


Well then rip is there a way we can set up a request topic that is pined and the @system automatically gives you the badge you asked for?


I’d take Bombardier lmao anyway! :joy:

Who would actually take Floker?


No, I manually make the badges which means I manually have to give them out. Moderators and myself can give them out.


Yes! I’d love a badge! Airbus for me :wink:


Not ready yet, haven’t even started, to busy with homework


Haha no worries. Just telling you to know what I’d want :wink:


I’ll take a team dedicated boeing badge and a team airbus (if that is possible)


No, they are stages. You can oy have 1


D#mn it I like both but prefer Boeing
(Please don’t flag me)


The word damn is not actually in the system flag nor a require approval. So don’t worry.

System does not understand :joy:


OK, so I am starting with the badges today. For now, I am making the team xxxx badges. I will soon expand to making more when finished. We may change the rules as to what badges you may have.

This topic will remain open for the time being so you can post any further ideas.