This is for all of you British and European peeps to discuss!


LHR for the spotting and transport.

LGW for my biased opinion, it’s the closest International airport and the one I’ve travelled on the most. Why you had to post this at 1am for us Brits I won’t ask.


mixed feelings on this


LHR Forever, its been my local airport for well over 10yrs and when you live under the flight path whats the point of going out your way to spot when you can do it from your garden


Depends, from Amsterdam… GWK is cheaper compared to LHR… And it also depends on where you want to go from London… Haven’t got the opportunity to go to London (even though I live in Amsterdam…) …

But if I look at the prices, GWK is cheaper hahaha


That’s what I look for when booking


@ondrej2021 are you choosing Gatwick because of Easyjet?


No, I go to Liverpool :slight_smile: If I had to yes


Heathrow if plane spotting
Gatwick if flying because less busy and cheaper