JetLink | Tracking Thread

I have created an airline, JetLink, and we are pretty small right now but are growing everyday.

JetLink is based in Chicago, specifically O’Hare. My fleet is currently pretty small. We have 5 aircraft operating 5 routes.

x1 B737-800
x4 C172

Here is the livery I made on airlines painter


Jesus Christ. I started out with Dash 8’s and thought that was small :scream:

Best of luck on your airline!


:joy: Thanks. I don’t have that much money right now. Like $500,000 but hopefully I will be able to grow and expand


How did you start off with dash 8’s? How did you have enough money?

Saved up and got there pretty quickly. It literally was purhcase one every 1-2 days. I also did find myself at one point with 10M$ and had a fun time buying bulk Dash 8’s.

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Wow. Any tips on how to get money? Or just keep flying the routes

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On Fleet > Research you can select your hub/s (and any other airport) to most airports across the world. Once you fill out the details It will show you the daily demand for that route, where you can figure out (by how often you visit the app on average, and how long the flight is) to work out what aircraft you’d need for that route.

I’ve done this for all my International routes, but not Regional and USA. Need to do that. :thinking:

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New Update

After earning a little bit of money, I decided to trade in my C172s for ATR 42s



For now these will be my aircraft until I earn some more money. I plan on having the majority of my fleet be 737s as we continue to expand.

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