It's Time For Some More Loganair SAAB 340 Action in Scotland!

It's Time For Some More Loganair SABB 340 Action!

Hiya folks! As you may remember last week I took the SABB 340 from Inverness to Kirkwall so I thought today. How about we do it all over again! I had real world wether on and I tell you… it was windy. The whole flight. It took my plane off the centre line so it was one mess of a landing. But I do like a challenge so I did enjoy it. Now onto the pictures!

Flight Details
  • Aircraft: SABB 340
  • Airline: Loganair
  • Route (In ICAO): EGPE-EGPA
  • Route (In Name): Inverness to Kirkwall

This is a real word route by the same airline & the same aircraft

  • Flight Time: 21 minutes
  • Altitude: 14’00FT
  • Speed: 280 Knts


Take Off

Climb To Cruse In The Bad Wind


At Cruse

Making My Way Down


Turning Final

Bad Landing...


Taxi To Parking

At Gate After A Bumpy Flight

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FSX or X-Plane?

FSX so it is :slight_smile:

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Is that the Carenado SAAB?

The what SAAB?

He’s asking if Carenado (addon developer) made the plane :slight_smile:.

Oh, I haven’t a clue. Sorry

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