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For the new users on the AFC feel free to introduce yourself.

New Here
Random Chat
Hello people of the forum
Random Chat
New member

Hello, I am a human being believe it or not…

I like:

  • aviation
  • rock climbing
  • mountain biking
  • Other (misc)

See you around


Hello, I’m Clay and I exist


Alien noises I’m an alien from Area 51. I hope you enjoy raiding it on September 20th. Alien noises

New Community Leader

That’s news to me that is. @Qantas094 is being Swiss :joy:


Hey who said I can’t?


Hola. Me llamo Brad. Tengo quince años. Me gusta aviation y dormir. Yo hablo español. Como estás?

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And sorry yeah, back on topic. Hi @KC3DLL


Hey guys, If you guys don’t know me I’m Ryan, I’m IFATC and I live in Pittsburgh




For those who are from the previous server will most likely know me.

Im Farris and ich komme aus Malaysia.

•Livery Designer
•Dino Fan
•WWII Historian xD
•Firearms fan
•Like to draw planes and dinos
•Love 70s/80s/90s and nowadays songs and also metal songs

Enough said…


My name is Ken Wei and I am an aviation, Warships and military related lover. I have World of Warships and Battlefield 2 as well as War Thunder. I often like to do plane spotting.


G’day everyone, the names Bravo.C :joy:

If you don’t know me from the IFC, then I guess… Hello

My name’s BravoCharlie, and I’m a grade 5 pilot in IF, aviation enthusiast, future pilot, and an avid traveller. I have loved aviation since I was 7-8 years old, and aviation has become a part of me.

I’m an aviation artist, and have been drawing aircraft for as long as I can remember. I’m aiming to start my PPL within the next couple of years.

Some interesting things about me
13 (almost 14) years old
Airbus Is better then Boeing (Fact)
A350 and A320 are my favourite aircraft
Aviation artist
Plays IF, and sometimes X-plane 11 on my computer.
Been playing IF for a year
Love old music.
Well, I those were some basic things to get yourself familiarized with me. Don’t hesitate to shoot me a PM for help, or general flights. My inbox is open 24/7!

Thanks for reading!

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I’m not worried

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Hi, I am BigBert10 and I like KSJC!


Hi. I’m Dylan, and I like aviation and Metallica


Hey! I’m Jackson!

I like:
-Music (tøp, p!atd, fob)