Infinite flight Vs RFS


Boooo get lost with RFS

Introduce yourself

I dont like RFS. The graphics suck


Have you seen the A350 modeling in RFS? It’s so £&@$


RFS is that too. Too expensive.


Cheaper than IF


This is the A350 engine in RFS…


OK priced but needs reworking


True, however, tire smoke and 3D buildings were only for RFS tho and not IF meaning there is only 3D buildings and tire smoke for RFS and not IF. The subscription is cheaper too


IF is soooo much better than RFS. RFS has terrible graphics and textures and everything lol


I disagree


That is a positive of RFS


And everything on RFS is cheaper, not expensive


That is literally the only positive. Also, all though the cockpits are live, they are sooooo inaccurate. I prefer good graphics over 3d buildings and stuff


You’re getting almost as bad as clay with those tabs lol


I think you forgot about the bridge, gates and stuff. I prefer IF with only one condition: reduce the price of subscription


He is far from my 58 tabs


nope i didn’t. those don’t matter if the rest of the sim is bad

The plane graphics and physics are bad. Even worse, the cockpits are sooooooo inaccurate.


The 737 cockpit looks like an ERJ ngl


yes it does. and the instruments are wrong too lol


I don’t know how to put it. RFS is gross.