HTTPS Support

Hello AFC! I think it would be highly beneficial to have an HTTPS certificate. One can acquire one for free. This would make the site look more secure to new users, as well as encrypt data transfer!

We need this


Here are free certs. Reputable, and easy to set up (if we have shell access)

The domain we have is secure itself

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Yes, but https certs just make the site look more reputable for new users. (Security itself isnt the problem, its from the browser side)

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We had it on the last forum, but with Force HTTPS.

An update I suppose? I have enabled force HTTPS and I get a secure icon all the time.

For any other questions, send me a PM even though it should work globally.

I managed to make it work. Thanks for reminding me @Hymenopus_Coronatus as I forgot about something like this