How do I get the regular tag?


So how do I get the regular tag next to my name.


Be active :slight_smile: there is hidden requirement if you fulfil system will promote you automatically. If you do something for the community, we can promote you manually :slight_smile:


Like I’ve been trying to get for the past 2 weeks I know a bit of the requirements. They are did you think I’m allowed to tell you? Smh


It takes more than 2 weeks :upside_down_face:


Might not. Also shhh you shouldn’t be talking you killed a corn flake


I’m on my way to Kellogg’s… I’ll see what they have to say about it.


All cool @JAYLAF747?


Ye it makes sense now

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OK cool


So to summarise…

  • Active
  • like posts
  • read posts
  • days visited
  • not be suspended or silenced

Good luck!