Help I get a message on a message

Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!

I get that message

That is because you must have left the message that @system sent you. If you leave it you can’t see content.

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Can you leave a thread

No, you cannot leave a topic as it is public.

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K k thanks you.

No problem! If you have any further questions please ask :slight_smile:

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This topic will close 2 hours after the last reply.

What does that. Mean?

That is a topic timer. By close it means that you won’t be able to reply to topic unless you are TL4 or above.


Adding on, a user under TL4 can also reply if a mod accepts a pending post after the topic is closed. I believe forum admins can also reply to topics that are closed, even if they aren’t TL4. E.G. Laura on IFC can do that as she’s an admin even though she’s only a TL2.

correct me if I’m wrong


Admins and mods over ride all TL settings so yes she can :slight_smile:


Thank you @TimShan05

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