Guess the airport


I know there’s a guess the airport from the interior but I thought it would be more fun if we can do it from exterior and interior at the same time, similar to IFC. We can use FR24 as well for this “Guess the Airport”. The rules are basically the same so you will post one pic if you got it right and they get to post if they get it right. Someone can make a new one if that guy haven’t replie within 24 hrs


Guess I’ll start


San Joes


No, it’s not San Jose XD

(I love how I am literally known for San Jose SJC Airport XD)


Umm…any other guess? XD


Is it an airport in the US tho


Everett, KPAE


That reminds me of the Bozeman Yellowstone airport


Yup, it’s Everett (sorry for the late reply)


Here is one,

Hint: Its a behind the scene shot.


Well, if it is behind the scenes, it’s not easy for us to figure out XD


Rifle Garfield County Airport


Super close. It’s still in western Colorado.






Just a thought


He couldn’t probably make that easy for us to guess…


It is. I took a behind the scenes tour one day at GJT. Good job @Aviation360


Can’t believe you can make it that easy, that’s WOW


Yes and no. The picture was of behind the baggage claim. There could be thousands of airports with baggage claims like that, but to be honest I’m surprised Walker Feild (GJT) wasn’t the first guess.