Guess the Airport (From the Interior)


Hello AFC

Welcome to my new quiz Guess the Airport by its interior here are the rules

  1. ONE post is allowed
  2. ONLY one answer is allowed
  3. Please be considerate to all players

One person will post an airport without being way toooo obvious and you will try to guess the airport by its interior

Good luck but first let me test you try to guess this one

Guess the Aircraft (Cockpit edition)

Is it Heartrow Airport?


I thought it might be that, but I don’t want to say stuff which might make me look stupid :wink:


Yes it is


Note: The North is pointed bottom of the image. :slight_smile:


Kenley Aerodrome @Gabe_Z


Can I have a hint as to the state/province/country of the airport?


@J2S no and I forgot to include the interior. Don’t have time to do so.

@baseball_inferno Minnesota :wink:


Duluth Int’l


Yes, you are correct.


So is anyone going here? :slight_smile:


An old WW2 airfield


That is Midway Afb


How do you know


I have flown to PMDY a lot in IF and I recognize that shape from the approach to Runway 24.


Well yes, it has been feature in many games including BF1942, Gunship Sequel(originally wings of duty) WW2, and probably a lot more flight sims and combat games


Please pay attention to the rule, it’s must be inside the airport as the title says.



Then why did you do it from the exterior



Let’s get on topic :+1: