Forum suspension table



We know that a successful community is made with members who are kind and polite to each other. We strive to make discussion interesting and constructive at the same time. Here is a forum suspension table to avoid any confusion between misconduct and users:

  • Asking for a higher trust level / position repetitively will lead to a 1 day / week suspension.
  • If we need to we will refer you to the IFC moderators in you are on the IFC (anything that ranges from cyber bullying to breaking No. 5 on the table)
  • The forum suspension table can be changed at any time.
  • Moderators have the right to change the suspension times without notice.
  • if a user has broken more than one misconduct on the table, a sum of the suspension times will be issued.
  • Depending on the problem at hand issues do not have to be given in order.
  • Any violation of ToS or FaQ will result in varying suspension time.

For any further inquiries ask a member of the moderation team.

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Question about ToS
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I probably should’ve read this earlier sorry @ondrej2021 :wink::wink:


Yeah maybe. :+1:


It’s always nice to put the guidelines out there. It makes people think before they post


@The_Flying_Pig please make yourself familiar with misconduct 6


Hey could I advertise this in a website?


It depends. Will discuss later :slight_smile:


He literally has 3 accounts, oof


@acesoftheace_kenwei He’s suspended until 2021…

Hope he’ll learn his lesson


This ones


@Goonchooi I think our community think that it is clear. IK @ECoops123 will say its ironic I am saying this.


What about them @Goonchooi?


Don’t worry I have experiences with the both of you. :roll_eyes: I could say you’re the lucky one.


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