FlyCAN Air | Tracking Thread

Hello Everyone

Today I decided to start an airline in AM4, called FlyCAN Air. This is a Canadian based airline, that currently operates at the following airports:

  • CYOW (Hub)

  • CYYZ

  • CYCH

List Will Be Expanded In The Future

FlyCAN Air currently operates 2 aircraft, 1 Dash 8 Q400, and 1 737-800.

I will use this thread to share/track the airlines business very often. (Using Realistic Mode)


Very nice, time for more Canada :canada:


Yuck, AM2.

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Dang I just realized there are better ones


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I use AM4.

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Hello everyone

So as some may know, there are newer versions of AM then the one I use. Thankfully, I only started this airline yesterday, so I don’t have much to loose. So here’s the question, should I switch to AM4?

  • Yes
  • No

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Ok, 60% voted yes, so I will be ‘re making’ it on AM4

(All routes, aircraft, etc will remain the same)

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I have ordered 2 more Dash 8 Q200’s

These new Q200’s will fly from Ottawa (CYOW) - Montreal (CYUL) and Halifax (CYHZ)

New Fleet

  • 1x Dash 8 Q400

  • 3x Dash 8 Q200

  • 1x 737-800


Updates will take place on the GAC from now on, see you there!

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