First Flying Lesson


On Sunday, I had my first flying lesson in a Cessna 152 at Manassas Regional Airport. I will be uploading some video of it soon but here’s two pictures of me with the plane for now.


Wish I can fly a cessna in real, I learn how to start up cessna in X-plane mobile


Do you have a pilot license tho and how tall are you anyway?


I can’t get a pilot license until I’m 16 (2 1/2 years from now) and I’m 5’2”


Nice! Hope it goes well for the second flying lesson :+1:


I might take a flying lesson how much are those


It depends on a lot of things


Am a pilot allow to wear glasses even with not-good eyesight? And I am almost as high as you’re, I think.



I saw that and I want to confirm


Answer is yes if you meet standards


what is the standard requirement?


I think it says in the video


Nice! I’m not starting lessons until next year.


Do you need to take flight schools for flight lessons?


Technically not. If you have a log book and an instructor with a lisence your all good to go!


Does this apply in UK?


Not sure mate. I know you can down under though…


I’ll search it up. I feel I should split the topic

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