FarSkies (BigBert10) Tracking Thread

Hello! You have reached the thread of FarSkies, owned and operated by @BigBert10!

In this thread, I will be posting updates regarding my airline, which include new/removed routes, fleet expansion, quarterly reports, frequency updates, accomplishments, travel advisories, etc.

Airline Info:

Name: FarSkies

CEO: @BigBert10

Hubs: KSJC (San Jose) (HQ), KLAX (Los Angeles), KPDX (Portland), KTPA (Tampa), KIAH (Houston)(@Aviation360 codeshare hub)

Focus Cities: KATL (Atlanta), KLAS (Las Vegas), KSAN (San Diego), KSEA (Seattle), KSMF (Sacramento), KSNA (Santa Ana/Orange County)

Focus+ Cities: All Hawaiian Airports with FarSkies Service

Fleet: A220-100, A220-100-R, A220-300, A319-100, A321neo, A339, B737, B738, B739ER, B38M, B764ER, B772, B773ER (77W), B788, B789, B78X, E170, E175, E190, E190-E2

Number of Countries Served: 14

Alliance: IFC Group


:rotating_light: TRAVEL ADVISORY: CORONAVIRUS :rotating_light:

While FarSkies currently does not serve China, we do currently serve Vietnam. The only problem is that the Vietnamese government is allowing flights to/from China. Because of this, the FAA is currently investigating whether or not we are allowed to fly to SGN. Currently, we have service from SGN to SJC, LAX, and PDX. If they say we have to suspend service to SGN, passengers booked on a flight on that route will be affected.

Flights to the Following Airport May Be Canceled (contact customer service for alternate solutions):

Saigon (SGN/VVTS)

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