Do YOU think the MAX is safe?


Well what are your thoughts is that Max Safe?


It’s 100% not safe


I’d fly on it now still :man_shrugging:t3: We gotta remember that new planes have problems


Yeah but it was in development for a few years and over looked the issue.


So was every other airplane built… 787/A350/A380


What I’m saying is Boeing knew about the issue but didn’t are about it.


Nope. Never flown on it, never will.


I think it’s safe I think it is Pilot error I’ll leave at that as I’ll give evidence in the other topic about this.


Let’s calm it down a notch with that title lol :joy:.

I would still fly on it. :man_shrugging:


Do I think the MAX is safe? Hmm it’s a 50/50 split for me.


I’d fly on it. All planes can crash, so why is the 737 MAX different?


You shouldn’t live your life with that mindset.


My airplane model hasn’t crashed and its considered an airplane because it has wings.

If you couldn’t tell it was a joke


For me, after the MAX flies again, she will be 100% safe! I will do my best to see if I can fly on a MAX again! :smiley:
I LOVE that airplane SO MUCH!!!


Please… No I will feel unsafe. It is better when it does not fly at all.