Do You Think Flying is Bad for the Environment?

Well there is a lot of stuff surrounding eco friendly aviation, and un-eco-friendly aviation. Discuss your thoughts down below.


People always forget boats and the boats always blame aviation industry

Boat pollution

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The environmental impact of shipping includes air pollution , water pollution , acoustic, and oil pollution . Ships are responsible for more than 18 percent of some air pollutants . It also includes greenhouse gas emissions. … There are now over 100,000 transport ships at sea, of which about 6,000 are large container ships.



Yes, Anything that is producing Carbon Dioxide and other waste products which are known for damaging the environment, is bad for the environment.


Well considering aviation has gone from this:
To this
I would say flying has gotten better than it used to.
The pics kinda explains it way better


All modes of transportation that involve gas of some sort is bad for the environment. That doesn’t mean we should stop especially since the cleaner ways to travel (electric,etc) are still new. Also, gas powered transportations vehicles have longer ranges


A good point @Aviator_ryan we are getting greener and all that with transport


What plane is that(the first one)

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I can say a lot more ways of transportation which are un-eco over aircraft.

For example, the number of boats and cars we have on this planet severely outnumber aircraft. Now, some of these ways for transportation may be small but think about it, every day millions of cars continue to drive and from what I can tell nothing is happening at the moment to increase its eco-friendliness. Say it’s the middle of the day in America, hundreds of cars are driving, then when Australia and the rest of Asia wake up, billions of more cars start-up and drive, it’s like a neverending cycle.

However, aircraft continue to become more and more efficient. It’s not a bad thing that fuel costs rise as this forces airlines to continuously upgrade their fleet to more eco-friendly aircraft, which is better for the environment and airlines. But with cars, all you hear is the new model has heated seats, a glass ceiling and a better sound or aircon system etc, they never talk about fuel efficiency.

Though I understand that the airline business can be an expensive business and that it’s sometimes sad to see more minor airlines go bankrupt. It’s initially better for the economy and airline industry. It gives less competition for other airlines and less aircraft in the air (which most likely will be inefficient).


What is bad is driving cars as cars produce more CO2 emissions than Planes

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